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"Stop The Touch" Video Challenge! Grand Prize: $1,000!
Congratulations on accepting the Stop The Touch Video Challenge! Your assignment is very easy, and your efforts can pay off pretty good! To be eligible, your video must:
1. Be uploaded to your Free VideoSite by Registering Below 2. Feature you, or you with others lifting up and lowering a toilet seat 
 without touching it directly with your hands! 3. Begin with... "Hi, I'm [first name] from [city], and this is how I Stop
 The Touch!" 4. Be landscape (wide) orientation 5. Be no less than 30 seconds and no more than 60 seconds in length 5. Not include any profanity nor indecent images of any sort. Any entry
 with inappropriate content will be immediately disqualified
Official contest rules
1st Prize Winner: $1,000 10 Runner Ups will receive a set of 3 Toilet Seat Handles by "The Shandle". All participants are eligible to appear in a commercial for The Shandle Toilet Seat Handle! The winners will be based on:
VideoSite Votes
Facebook Likes
Register Now! Contest Registration > Open up your profile for free, you can upload your 
video within 2 days if needed.
So... You don't feel you need to Stop the Touch? Watch these short videos! The Shandle / Kid-Drama V1 / 00:01:04
The Shandle / Couple-Drama V2 / 00:01:04
Special thanks to...

W. Thorpe McKenzie & The WTM Blues Band
The Shandle / Couple-Drama V2 / 00:01:35
Musical composition of "Put the Toilet Seat Down",
a CDBaby Production.


Enjoy the Jingle's Song Full Version Below!

Ben Olagoke, Director & Writer
Excerpts short film "The Toilet Seat",
featuring Clay Brantley & Courtney Blair.



Enjoy the Short Film in its Entirety Below!

℗ 2010 Thorpe McKenzie

Creative Commons Attribution License - YouTube 04/22/15

Actress: Emma High
For her wonderful lungs in the production of  "Toilet Seat Up - Child Drama", Dramatization

Spot Producer: Jack R. Mesa, Jr.
For the production/editing of the "The Shandle", Put the Toilet Seat Down Dramatizations.

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