YouDoAds is You!

Welcome to YouDoAds, an online multimedia and mobile VideoSite directory, delivering self-promotion profiles & messages with a personal touch! 

We're Seriously Local!

YouDoAds was created to rekindle personal interaction with nearby communities. Residents can "Pop In" [digitally] to local businesses/organizations through videos, audio and image gallery posts, allowing them to connect.  

Selfie or assisted video recordings of You is what it's all about, whether you're posting for YouDoAds People or YouDoAds for Businesses.
YouDoAds People

YouDoAds People is a fun way for locals to post personal video messages, events, video blog, classifieds and more to share with neighbors and the world. YouDoAds People is also reviewed by talent, casting and ad agencies looking for real local talent! 

At a professional level, your YouDoAds People profile can be used as a Video Business Card! Simply add your custom URL or QR code to your printed card, email signature or any marketing piece and you're done! 

YouDoAds for Businesses

If you are promoting a business or an organization, you must feature you, an associate, or even a customer/member commenting about your business, organization, church etc... 

YouDoAds is categorized and searchable in simple levels. Making it easy for visitors to find local videos, audios and other promotional announcements from local businesses and residents.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. But a Video is Worth A Thousand Pictures!

We all know that pretty model or that gallant actor on the commercial won't be greeting us at an advertiser's establishment. But a real and friendly staff like yours will!

Promote yourself and your organization with videos. 
- Have you met your locals? 
- Have they met You?

Break the ice with a video introduction from YouDoAds for Businesses!

All you need is a SmartPhone or Camcorder to Become a YouDoAds Producer!
Introduce your organization in a personal way. Post & Share your custom YouDoAds URL profile via email, text, mobile push notification, physical web and more.  Imagine introducing your business with a personal video message and content including cross-platform friendly contact methods! 

Your YouDoAds account allows you to Post & Share messages with videos, full length audio clips, articles and much more!

Businesses & Organizations

•  Invite viewers to your business
•  Do Video Tours
•  Specials with promo codes

•  Feature  Products & Services
•  Show Properties (Real Estate)
•  Upcoming events

•  And more!


•  Show what you do 
•  Post a video resume
•  Sell things online at no charge
•  Announce garage/yard sales

•  Show your talents for fun, be discovered!
•  Post lost or found pets
•  And more!

YouDoAds helps your business be found online, and boosts your SEO for improved search ranking.

All profiles use meta keywords and descriptions, sitemaps, optimized headers, footers, categories locations as well as indexing your listings, photo pages, news and events. We’ve given you a great start for a strong SEO foundation. This is a common feature for all member levels including our free starter membership!

You can also use your profile as a "Video Landing Page" for your online campaigns!


YouDoAds Reality Advertising transcends to the Physical Web!

YouDoAds, LLC is part of Physical Web CTX, an organization dedicated to facilitating the integration of industries into the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem.

YouDoAds profiles can be broadcasted via beacons from any physical location you choose!

Visit our Physical Web information page for more!

The Physical Web is an approach to unleash the core superpower of the web: interaction on demand. People will be able to walk up to any smart device - a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a clothing rack, a bus stop, a rental car - and receive more information coming directly from the item, all without having to download an app. Everything should be just a tap away.

YouDoAds is a Physical Web Beacon Content Management Portal.  With YouDoAds for Businesses, members have a physical-web-friendly URL to push custom information to nearby mobile users.  

Please keep this page bookmarked for upcoming affiliation announcements.

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