The Physical Web is Here!

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Broadcast your profile to The Physical Web with Beacon Transmitters!

YouDoAds Multimedia Physical Web Pages (Nearby Messages) facilitate content to the Physical Web.  Take a couple of minutes to see the videos below to learn more about how you can take your information out into the physical world!  It's easy... Just place a Beacon transmitter nearby your location to start broadcasting your YouDoAds profile 24/7 to nearby mobile device users!

Get familiar with The Physical Web Pages now and you'll be ready for the new dimension of the IoT (Internet of Things) rolling out at this moment worldwide!

Eddystone Beacon Transmitters and The Physical Web...

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The Physical Web for Android
The Physical Web for Apple 

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YouDoAds offers top quality long-lasting The Physical Web beacon transmitters with easy media-rich content management. 

Forbes: How The Physical Web Will Change Local Marketing Forever.